Old Christ Church, Bethel, VTSt. John’s congregation will join with the Old Christ Church congregation for three weeks in July.  July 16, 23 & 30.  For new members of St. John’s,  joining with the Christ Church Bethel congregation for a couple of weeks in the summer is a long time tradition.  The Church is off of route 12 between Bethel and Randolph.   Service at 10 a.m.


A congregation gathers on a Sunday morning. There has been a lot of preparation. The altar has been set, bulletins have been printed, the heat turned up. The choir has practiced. Worship begins with The Word: Scripture and sermon, hymns and prayers have challenged and inspired. At God's Table, all come to to be reconciled to God and one another through Christ's body and blood. Renewed and strengthened we are Sent to live into our calling as apostles in the world. But first... the fellowship of coffee hour awaits. The Church, St. Paul said, is the body of Christ and each a member. It's true! Never perfect, filled with all sorts and characters and yet, a beautiful living organism of God's grace.

Do you love me more than these?  Faith, Sacrifice and Relationship

Pentecost 4:  Genesis 22:1-14  |  Matthew 10:40-42

Abraham and Isaac

Today’s scripture lessons are taken from the “other” of the two sets of readings appointed by the Lectionary during this long stretch of Ordinary time running from Pentecost until Advent— explaining why today’s insert doesn’t look like our normal inserts. Some of you might wonder why I would deliberately choose our first lesson from the book of Genesis. Indeed, the story of Abraham and Isaac has long been one of my least favorite passages in the Bible and has has always, for me, depicted a God so very different from the loving Creator I know. But as Fr. Bob mentioned last week, growth and life tends to occur in that liminal space at the edge of our comfort zone, so I’d like to take this moment to explore the potential wisdom available to us staying in the flow of God’s love in the middle of our conflicting emotions…

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