Filled, Formed, and Driven - Silent No More

Year B, Lent 1 2018  | The Rev. Angela Emerson

Was it like a microbust? A sudden and powerful down draft of air?

Or perhaps it was a like dust devil, the whirlwinds filled with dust and debris one can see in the deserts of the southwest…

What it looked like, what ever it felt like it and sounded it, it was a moment in time when the cosmos – not just the world but the entire cosmos, changed forever.

It was so powerful and so dramatic that the moment can only be described as the very heavens torn apart and the very Spirit of God descending from the heavens to the earth. The same Spirit that moved over the deep and called creation into being has now joined heaven and earth in a new way. God was honoring the ancient covenant made with all living flesh.

On that day the Spirit of God did not simply come down from heaven but entered human flesh

The Spirit came down filling Jesus with courage and determination.

The Spirit came down filling Jesus and forming Jesus as a participant in God’s creative and life-giving movement.

The Spirit came down filling Jesus and forming Jesus and driving Jesus … not driving against his will – more like Driving Miss Daisy - driving in the sense of carrying, or moving, or accompanying Jesus into the desert…

Into the desert! – not the synagogue or a resort beside the lake or a day spa but the desert…a fierce landscape. It was not a place of comfort and rest but a fierce landscape that strips away all human illusion of invincibility, security, self-reliance, or and arrogance; a landscape that strips the soul bare, so one becomes keenly aware of one’s vulnerability and utter dependence on God.

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Lent 2018


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