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Mark you calendars: Bishop’s Visitation, March 21st

Hold this date-- The Rt. Rev. Thomas Ely will be visiting St. John’s on Wednesday, March 21st as one of many weekday visitations he is making this year. The Vestry will release a schedule of events taking place during his visitation shortly.

Lent at a Glance

Coffee Hour: will focus on healthy eating… no sweets, good bread, good cheeses, ample fruit…. and yes veggies and eggs are good too ) but the idea is healthy and simple.

Community Hour: For those who wish to observe Lent more fully and spiritually there will be Bible study, conversation, and reflection from 9:00 am - 9:40 am. Bring a Bible, pencil and paper. No homework!

Quiet before Service… beginning at 9:40 the nave will be reserved for quiet mediation. If you desire to converse prior to the service please do so in the parish hall. If you forget, someone will gently and lovingly remind you… The bell will ring which is a signal for the conversationalists among us to enter the nave.

Music will begin shortly before the liturgy begins.

The liturgy will begin with the sound of the gong signaling a minute (or two) of centering prayer. The gong will sound again to end the silence.

There will be no procession and no opening hymn.

Lent Madness:

Lent MadnessFor an uplifting, educational, and fun way to grow in your knowledge of Church History – and to be inspired to a more Godly life, participate in Lent Madness.

For the ninth year running, people worldwide are gearing up for Lent Madness, the “saintly smackdown” in which thirty-two saints do battle to win the coveted Golden Halo. Calling itself the world’s most popular online Lenten devotion, Lent Madness brings together cut-throat competition, the lives of the saints, humor, and the chance to see how God works in the lives of women and men across all walks of life.


FORE- Focus on Racial Equality

FORE was born out of the challenge that Angie Emerson presented to us a few months ago. Neil and I, Tim Eberhardt and Betty Edson (from the Bethany Peace and Justice committee) joined forces to see what we could do. At the time I said I thought our focus should be to get conversations about race going in the Randolph area.

I want it to be clear that this effort is NOT a project of St. John’s. It is a community project. It was very important to us that this was not to be a church group, but rather, inclusive of anyone in the Randolph area community who is interested in discussing issues about race.

We learned of a woman named Ellen Bettemann, who currently leads meetings in Hanover, about having difficult conversations about race. She informed us of web sites that would help us get the conversations going. One of those was a powerful series formerly aired by PBS, called “Race: The Power of an Illusion”. We have used portions of that in two different meetings with good conversations following the showings. Attendance at the second session increased quite a bit and was encouraging to us as we plan for the next event. We have talked about getting youth involved but that is in the planning stages at this point.

I will keep you posted on the progress of these meetings. I am grateful to Angie for the “push” to do something. I hope that as time goes on many of you will join the conversations, see the films that we will show, and be willing to talk about your own feelings and beliefs about race and why you feel or think the way you do. Lent is a good time for these reflections, isn’t it?

Lenten Dinner Church @ Bethany

Join us for the six Sunday evenings during Lent as we gather together, eat dinner, sing our hearts out, praise God, and share the Holy bread and cup. Each week we will hear a homily (a brief sermon) on a Scriptural passage, and as we eat our delicious pot-luck meal, we will have the opportunity, in small table groups, to discuss the teaching and share how we feel the Spirit moving and alive (or not, or sort of) in our lives today. All are welcome to this alternative, ancient form of worship service. Bring a pot-luck dish if you can, or just show up - there will be plenty of food! February 18 to March 25 at 5:00 p.m. Come and meet your neighbors in a whole new way.

This Lenten series will be led by Lava Mueller, Member in Discernment in the United Church of Christ, Bethany Church member, and seminarian at Andover Newton Theological School. See you at the table!

News of the Episcopal Church in Vermont

A Statement, Call to Action from Bishops United Against Gun Violence

Called to ActionTo the people the Episcopal Church in Vermont,

As a member of Bishops United Against Gun Violence, I join with the 75 other bishops in offering this statement and call to action in the wake of the most recent mass shooting at an American School. Please distribute this widely to church members and to others who may be looking to hear the voice of the Episcopal Church in Vermont in response to this act of gun violence. I appreciate your prayers and the many ways you witness and work for peace and common-sense solutions to this crisis.

Faithfully yours in Christ,

The Right Reverend Thomas C. Ely

Statement by Bishops United Against Gun Violence,  February 16, 2018

Rock Point Unveils New Logo

As part of a re-branding effort that began last summer, Rock Point recently adopted a new logo. The image shown here will begin making its appearance on signage around the Rock Point property in coming months and on a new Rock Point website to be unveiled this spring. 

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Trustees Release Video of Diocesan Unit Trust Fund Annual Performance Review Web Conference

The Trustees of the Diocese recently released a video of their February 8 web conference covering the annual performance review of the Diocesan Unit Trust Fund (DUT). The video may be viewed online at this link: Additional information about the DUT, …

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Inviting the Light: The Holy Spirit Gate Crashes No One’s Heart

A few years ago in late spring, I had just finished doing a Eucharist service at a local nursing home. This residence was always challenging for me because most of the residents had more advanced cases of dementia and …

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Standing Committee Update

BDNC Progress & Anticipated Timeline of Activities The Standing Committee is pleased to announce the selection of Maggie Thompson, from Christ Church, Montpelier, as the chairperson for the Bishop’s Discernment and Nominating Committee (BDNC). Maggie brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership skills to this important position as the process moves forward …

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Parish Events

Easter Bake Sale - CANCELLED for 2017
Purchase some scrumptious treats by some of Central Vermont's best bakers!
Red, White and Blue Pie Sale - Saturday, July 1, 2017  Begins at 10 AM!
Fresh pies for your Fourth of July festivities and one of our shortest fundraisers.
Come early, pies sell out fast!

Pie Sale - New World Festival, September 3, 2017
Everybody's favorite pies, at everybody's favorite festival.
Christmas Bazaar - Saturday, December 2, 2017
Wreaths, Christmas gifts, Penny Auction, and more.