St. Johns Vestry May 2016(LtoR) Ellen Baker, Jr. Warden, Amy Currier, Susan O'Malley, Linda Runnion, Rev. Susan B. Taylor (ret), Carol Doss,  Mary O'Brien, Sr. Warden; Steve Eubanks

The Vestry is the legal representative of the parish with regard to all matters pertaining to its corporate property. Beyond that, St. John's Vestry is a visioning body working to define and articulate the mission of the congregation, supporting the Church's mission - as partners in God's mission! By Canon law, membership is comprised of no less than three but not exceeding twelve members elected by the parish at its annual meeting. Additionally, a Clerk of the Vestry aids in recording and filing minutes. There are two wardens. The Senior Warden is a support person for the Rector and leads the parish in between periods of settled clergy. The Junior Warden has responsibility for church property and buildings.

The vestry works in collaboration with the Rector to ensure effective organization and planning, and manages resources and finances. As we conduct our spiritual business, we build fellowship, respect and accord; plus a good sense of humour offers the opportunity to laugh from time to time! As recent Vestry retiree  and Senior Warden Nancy Wright summed up, we "listen, learn, winnow, serve."

Shirley Baumann, Organist; Jane Eubanks, Choir Director

Shirley Baumann, OrganistShirley has been playing the organ at St. John's for over 33 years, and is on the Executive Committee of the Vermont chapter of the AGO. Shirley started on organ many years ago in Plainfield, Vermont later studying with Phillip Stimmel and Ernie Drown. Over the years she's played in many churches for a variety of occasions. When not otherwise engaged tempting angel choirs on the Austin, she's been known to dabble in both golf and skiing in the appropriate season.

Jane Eubanks, Choir DirectorJane has been leading the choir for the past 8 years. A director of wide musical taste and nearly infinite patience; Jane has led choirs of various ages for over 25 years. When not directing, Jane is still not-so-diligently trying to retire from teaching piano, flute and music theory which she's done for over 35 years, and often lapses into playing in small ensembles and organizing choral workshops whenever the opportunity arises.

Ellen Baker and Judi Townsend, Co-Treasurers; Jane Eubanks, Receipts Treasurer

St. John's has newly reorganized a financial team as of 2016! With many thanks to Lee Sease who served as 'interim' treasurer in 2015, he led us in taking this bold step. By contracting with the local expert accounting firm, CompuCount, St. John's can breathe a sigh of relief that the books will pass inspection and the bills will be paid on time. Unfortunately, the days are gone when a congregation could necessarily rely on volunteer expertise within its walls. Have you seen the tax laws lately?? As Rev. Taylor said at Annual Meeting, "There aren't too many Bill Arnolds we can tap on the shoulder!" Bill Arnold shepherded the books for at least 4 decades with skill and savvy.

Jane oversees the pledges, offerings and gifts received by the parish and generates twice-yearly statements to remind us of just how thankful we've managed to be through the course of the year.