Shirley Baumann, Organist; Jane Eubanks, Choir Director

Shirley Baumann, OrganistShirley has been playing the organ at St. John's for over 33 years, and is on the Executive Committee of the Vermont chapter of the AGO. Shirley started on organ many years ago in Plainfield, Vermont later studying with Phillip Stimmel and Ernie Drown. Over the years she's played in many churches for a variety of occasions. When not otherwise engaged tempting angel choirs on the Austin, she's been known to dabble in both golf and skiing in the appropriate season.

Jane Eubanks, Choir DirectorJane has been leading the choir for the past 8 years. A director of wide musical taste and nearly infinite patience; Jane has led choirs of various ages for over 25 years. When not directing, Jane is still not-so-diligently trying to retire from teaching piano, flute and music theory which she's done for over 35 years, and often lapses into playing in small ensembles and organizing choral workshops whenever the opportunity arises.